Brand Settings

Play around with the settings in the customizer to see how changing the settings in your customizer will affect the global styles. To get started, preview this page. Using the black toolbar at the top of the page, click customize and begin editing the fonts, colors, buttons, and more. If you do not see a black toolbar while logged into your site, you may have the setting turned off. Go to Users, select your user, and make sure the “Show Toolbar when viewing site” option is checked.

Button Styles

As a general rule of thumb, these colors should only be used for calls to action on your site. Use this color when you want someone to click on a hyperlink or button! Try not to use this color for accent colors or in any other part of your site design.

This is your link & button color

This is your link & button hover color

Here’s how your buttons will look if you choose the theme settings:

Call To Action – Auto
Button With Icon
Call To Action – Fullwidth
Button With Icon – Fullwidth

Here’s how some hyperlinked text will appear.

Typography & Font Styles

Within your customizer/ Kadence Theme settings, you can swap out the heading font selection and sizes. Make sure the styles look good on all three device views!

Contrast (Text) Colors

“Contrast or Text colors are great ways to create a design hierarchy with your text, borders, etc. Usually, these are the darker “gray” colors that determine the text color for your heading and main site text.” Source

This is your strongest text/ headings color

This is your strong text/ body text color

This is your medium text color.

This is your subtle text color. Kadence recommends using this color for borders.

? If you have WooCommerce, this color is used for your coupon code field.

Here’s how your headings and text will appear on the site:

This is an H1 heading

This is what your body text looks like in a paragraph. Gingerbread topping cake carrot cake dessert cotton candy. Fruitcake sweet cake marshmallow gummies powder bear claw. Soufflé gingerbread lollipop halvah marshmallow. Soufflé candy cookie cake muffin shortbread.

Check out this H2 heading

Pudding tootsie roll sugar plum tootsie roll dessert pudding. Gingerbread jelly beans biscuit icing candy canes jelly beans oat cake sweet roll. Licorice marzipan cotton candy halvah muffin halvah biscuit gingerbread. Powder oat cake danish jelly beans cake jelly beans macaroon tiramisu.

What do you think about this H3 heading?

Biscuit brownie topping brownie lemon drops. Dragée biscuit chocolate cake cotton candy toffee. Tiramisu pie dessert chocolate cake caramels biscuit.

Here’s what the H4 heading looks like

Wafer macaroon sugar plum tootsie roll chocolate cake.

This is an H5 heading

Lemon drops croissant dragée pudding sesame snaps muffin gummi bears.

Check out your H6 heading style

I typically use this as an accent for a pre-headline text.

Base Colors

“Your base or background colors are usually at the lightest end, white with two off-white variations that have just enough contrast to show a visual difference without having so much contrast that the text is lost in the color. Your base color is the color that people will notice the least, but if selected well makes all the rest of your colors come together.” Source

This is your subtle background color

? This is being used as the background for the sections to the right

This is your lighter background color

? If you have WooCommerce, this will be used as your store notice background and your apply coupon button.

White or offwhite color

Here’s how your other blocks will look on your site:

This is how a standard Gutenberg list block will look.

  • Croissant lollipop pie ice cream
  • Lemon drops pastry bear claw
  • Sweet carrot cake candy canes macaroon sugar plum topping

This is how a standard Kadence icon list block will look with standard settings.

  • Croissant lollipop pie ice cream
  • Lemon drops pastry bear claw
  • Sweet carrot cake candy canes macaroon sugar plum topping

This is what a gutenberg quote block looks like. Chocolate bar wafer candy canes dessert cheesecake. Chocolate cake marzipan sesame snaps powder carrot cake. Cheesecake jelly-o chocolate bar chocolate cake cookie pastry icing.

By Aristotle

This is what a gutenberg quote pull quote block looks like. The quote mark uses your subtle background color. Chocolate cake marzipan sesame snaps powder carrot cake.

By Aristotle